Sand Circles At Mwnt Beach

Written by Ffynnon Grog on Thursday, 01 December 2016. Posted in News & Views

Sand Circles At Mwnt Beach

We’ve all heard of those mysterious crop circles, haven’t we? Beautiful, huge, geometric patterns that appear overnight in fields of corn? There are so many different theories and possible explanations as to how they are formed, but one thing is for certain; whether they are made by artistic pranksters in the middle of the night, or by strange, paranormal activity, messages from outer space, meteorological phenomena or even, as the Governor of Tasmania believed in 2009, by the mad circling of wallabies after they’d eaten their fill of the local poppy fields, they are as intriguing as they are beautiful!

There’s one local man, Marc Treanor, who became so interested, and even obsessed with them, that he used to explore them every year in Wiltshire, where they are predominantly found. By his own admission, Marc was a bit of a crop circle nut; he would even, sometimes, camp out in them!

Photo 50bMarc eventually decided to try to recreate these beautiful designs on the beaches near to where he lives in Pembrokeshire. The rest, to those of us who live near to the beaches he likes best, is history. Here in Mwnt (one of Marc’s favourites), if you’re up early before the tide comes in, you may just be lucky enough to look down on Mwnt’s beach and see, just before the sea washes it away, one of Marc’s astonishingly fabulous creations. Looking down on his work from the headland above is by far the best way to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of Marc’s work and to marvel at his artistic talent. It is particularly impressive when you realise that Marc, while he’s working on the sand, cannot see the design he is producing.

Working first from an idea in his head and then drawn out on paper, Marc recreates his intricate patterns on the beach. Each piece of his art has the shortest of life-spans. If you’re not there to see it in the few short hours between the tides, you never will see it; the sea gradually sweeps in and washes away every trace of the intricate, beautiful sand circle created by one of our best-loved local artists. Marc, we salute you!

If you are interested in Marc’s work, why not visit his website:

Photo 50a

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