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All Kinds Of Fun

Written by Ffynnon Grog on Friday, 18 November 2016. Posted in News & Views

Did you know that it’s not just us humans who enjoy having holidays by the sea? Here at Ffynnon Grog, and at many, many other places in our beautiful area, people can bring their dogs and even their horses, on holiday with them! Look at the happy faces on Mali the dog at Mwnt, and Charlie the pony at Poppit! They’re lucky enough to live here, but why not bring your pets with you on holiday?

April Fool? Not a bit of it!

on Monday, 10 April 2017. Posted in News & Views

A few people thought that it was an April Fool’s day prank when we ran a competition on Facebook offering the winner a free week’s holiday starting on April 1st. This was no prank; and our lucky (and lovely) winners, Sharon Schultz Sands and her mum Betty, duly arrived after a long 7 hour train and bus journey from Liverpool.

Barley Saturday 2017

on Wednesday, 03 May 2017. Posted in News & Views

Last weekend, Saturday April 29th, saw the fabulous spectacle that is Cardigan’s Barley Saturday. This unique event has its roots way back in history. Until the mid-nineteenth century there was a “Hiring Fair” held annually in Cardigan in April. Here, migrant workers presented themselves for hire to local farmers for the coming harvest season. Somewhere along the way this event became more about stallions than farm workers!

Ffynnon Grog Important Announcement

on Monday, 11 September 2017. Posted in News & Views


This fabulous holiday cottage complex is now FOR SALE.

Our Local Seals

Written by Ffynnon Grog on Friday, 18 November 2016. Posted in News & Views

The seal breeding season is now well and truly over and we must wait another 10 months before we can try to spot the endearing sight of a large female seal (called a cow), with her small, white, fluffy pups. The coastline all around Mwnt is ideal for seal watching. We have a large resident population of Atlantic Grey Seals and, whether you are out walking on the coastal path, or enjoying a boat trip in the bay, you may well see a group of seals, hauled out on the shingles of our many hidden coves.

Sand Circles At Mwnt Beach

Written by Ffynnon Grog on Thursday, 01 December 2016. Posted in News & Views

We’ve all heard of those mysterious crop circles, haven’t we? Beautiful, huge, geometric patterns that appear overnight in fields of corn? There are so many different theories and possible explanations as to how they are formed, but one thing is for certain; whether they are made by artistic pranksters in the middle of the night, or by strange, paranormal activity, messages from outer space, meteorological phenomena or even, as the Governor of Tasmania believed in 2009, by the mad circling of wallabies after they’d eaten their fill of the local poppy fields, they are as intriguing as they are beautiful!

Welsh Wildlife Centre

on Tuesday, 30 May 2017. Posted in News & Views

We are so very lucky to have the fabulous Welsh Wildlife Centre on our doorstep. Situated in the nearby village of Cilgerran, this centre is a must if you like the outdoor life and wildlife. The walks through this nature reserve are beautiful and, if you look closely you may see all manner of wild animals, birds and flora. Buzzards soar the skies, owls roost in the trees, waders take to the marshes, warblers (who are VERY secretive) may be seen if you are patient and lucky, and kingfishers may dazzle you with their colourful plumage.

Winter Sunshine at Mwnt

on Friday, 20 January 2017. Posted in News & Views

Some people have this strange idea that it's always raining in Wales! How wrong can they be! We were very busy at Ffynnon Grog today, making progress with our cottage refurbishments, but we just had to stop and take time out to enjoy looking at the fabulous views bathed in glorious winter sunshine. (Well, at 14oC, it felt much more like late spring!)

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